Tinnitus, Vertigo, Meniere’s Disease & TMJ

If you suffer from tinnitus, vertigo or meniere’s disease, it is quite possible that TMJ symptoms are causing the problem. When you clench and grind, the jaw muscles tense and so do the ear muscles, because of their close proximity. ORTHOSTOP will stop the jaw muscles from clenching and grinding, thus relieving the ear pressure symptoms.


There is a huge amount of scientific literature that shows a high correlation between tinnitus, vertigo, and TMJ symptoms. Conversely, if you improve the TMJ symptoms, tinnitus and vertigo symptoms improve dramatically.


Possible symptoms include: head, neck, and back pain, ear pain, impaired hearing, stuffiness in ears, jaw joint noises, sinus pain, frequent sore throats, migraines, and headaches.


Tinnitus, and vertigo have a high correlation with TMJ symptoms. Woman suffer five times more from TMJ dysfunction than men. The dental connection needs to be addressed as one of the causes of tinnitus, and vertigo. ORTHOSTOP will stop the clenching and grinding. Based on the research, there is a high probability the tinnitus, and vertigo symptoms will lesson.


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