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Ortho-Stop & Autoimmune Diseases


Autoimmune diseases attack the body causing much pain and poorer sleep. When this happens, the body reflexively responds by clenching and grinding up to 900 pounds per square inch. Chewing elicits only 68 PSI. As it is, the autoimmune patient is hypersensitive to pain. Consequently, this increases the clench/grind syndrome.


Ortho Stop TMJ Treatment

Orthostop is designed to intercede this clench/grind phenomenon dramatically and help the autoimmune patient cope with their hypersensitivity to pain. Sleep and tolerance to this pain should be better. 

In addition to Fibromyalgia, the following autoimmune diseases can play a part in an increase in the clench/grind syndrome: 

• Rheumatoid arthritis 

• Type 1 diabetes 

• Multiple sclerosis 

• Celiac disease 

• Lupus 

• Alopecia areata 

• Hashimoto's disease 

• Addison disease 

• Graves' disease 

• Sjogren's syndrome 

• Myasthenia gravis 

So, if you're wondering how to treat TMJ issues, look no further. Ortho Stop is your best option.

Correlation between Lupus and TMJ

Lupus and other autoimmune diseases play havoc with your pain threshold. Your brain will try to compensate by clenching and grinding to alleviate the pain created by the autoimmune diseases.

Lupus and TMJ / TMJ and Lupus

Are you sick of the constant pain that TMJ and lupus cause? 

Ortho Stop is a revolutionary solution designed to alleviate the clenching and grinding associated with the autoimmune coping mechanism for pain. With Ortho Stop, you can finally find relief, enjoy your sleep, and improve your pain tolerance. Don't let lupus and TMJ control your life; embrace a pain-free life with Ortho Stop, your best option for treating TMJ problems.

Did you know that there is a hidden link between lupus and TMJ disorders? The inflammation and joint damage caused by lupus can often manifest in the temporomandibular joint, leading to symptoms such as jaw stiffness, clicking, and difficulty chewing. Understanding the TMJ and Lupus connection is crucial for managing both conditions effectively and improving overall quality of life. Call Dr.Pine today and schedule your consultation to say goodbye to the cycle of pain.


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Dr. Pine treats TMJ dysfunction with OrthoStop, and Emryl Guard to reduce extreme muscle overuse at night. These appliances are meant to reduce your clenching, and grinding ability by 70-80%.

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