Dr. Robert Pine

Dr. Robert Pine is a general dentist having received many awards, and a TMJ Specialist in Orange County with a non invasive treatment Dr. Pine has been able to address the clenching and grinding which leads to pain of the TMD and more. An Alumni of U.S.C. School of Dentistry, this non invasive treatment Dr. Pine created is Ortho-Stop, fabricated to relieve TMJ, grinding, and clenching and their correlated symptoms and problems especially pain. 

Dr. Pine was born and raised in Southern California. He attended U.S.C as an undergraduate and is a proud graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School. He has been selected as one of Orange County’s best dentists

Dr.Pine was one of the earliest users of the NTI anterior deprogrammed system to reduce TMJ problems due to night time clenching. This odyssey began over 20 years ago. Over 10 years ago he created Ortho-stop, a vastly improved and different version of the NTI. 2 years ago he created Emeryl guard to complement and thus improve Ortho-stop

There are two philosophies to TMJ therapy. The first and most traditional is neuromuscular TMJ therapy. This concept proposes to change the bite and in turn, reduce physical systems. This concept can be very expensive. As high as $5000-$10,000. You will need to wear an appliance 24/7 for 6-9 months. This a very slow and indirect way to reduce muscle tension in the jaw, neck and upper back. After the 6-9 months are up,the bite change will need to be made permanent. This might necessitate crowns or braces. There will be many adjustment appointments.

The second philosophy is the anterior deprogrammer. It is designed to directly to loosen muscles. Because of this, treatment is usually 1-3 months. Appliances are only worn at night. Dr. Pine uses physical therapy to speed up the process if necessary. Since treatment is simplified, the cost is dramatically less. Upon completion and success of treatment, a “phase 2” stabilization is indicated.

Because of Dr. Pine’s vast experience with anterior deprogrammers, he developed Ortho-stop and Emery guard. They allow for better and more precise adjustments to the appliances than the NTI allows. In turn there is a higher degree of success. This is especially true because of Dr. Pine’s experience.

Lastly, what about the night guard? First off, it is uncomfortable. Secondly, it doesn’t work. There is no science to a night guard. You will still clench and grind and have symptoms. Simply said, it is constructed to muscles that are already tight. It does not have the capacity to loosen muscles as does Ortho-stop and Emeryl Guard.

Also, surgery in this day and age is almost never indicated. Non surgical procedures should always be tried before surgery.

TMJ Treatment Testimonials

Hi my name is Philip, and I've been a patient of dr. Pines for a number of years, and he's done a lot of work on me; cap crowns, cap veneers but one of the best thing he's ever done for me was the ortho stop device. I have a lot of stress, and tension, and I was grinding my teeth at night; my jaw hurt, my neck hurt, my shoulders hurt, and I had headaches, I wasn't sleeping well, and when I got the ortho stop device that stuff all went away. I started sleeping better at night I stopped snoring so much, my wife was able to sleep better at night, the neck ache, the headaches those all went away, and one of the the added benefits of ortho stop Is it protected all the dental work that he's done over the years so it's really, its really been a great thing for me and I strongly support anybody who wants to get the ortho stop.

My name is Terry I saw dr. Pine recently for a lot of shoulder, and neck pain. I was constantly feeling like I was so uncomfortable nothing seemed to help. Um, I tried the Ortho Stop, and within about 2 weeks I was greatly improved. I continue to use it and have realized that besides getting a lot of relief, um, I’m sleeping so much Sounder at night. I'm even able to dream at night which I haven't been able to do in such a long time. Thank you Doctor Pine.

My name is Peggy, and I'm a patient of Dr. Robert Pine. On a recent Dental visit Doctor Pine did an exam, and told me that I was a perfect candidate for the ortho stop. I had told Dr. Pine that I was waking up at night time about 15 or more times because I was clenching, and grinding my teeth, and that I had used night guards in the past, and they were uncomfortable, and I didn't really think they worked. Doctor Pine said I should give this a try. So I got the Ortho Stop, I used it the first night I slept through the entire night. I've had the product now for about 2 months, and I'm still sleeping through the night; my head pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain is gone, and I told Doctor Pine that I sleep like I did when I was a child playing outside, and waking up the next morning well-rested, so I'm getting the deep sleep that I need.

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