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What is TMD or TMJ?

What is TMD or TMJ?

TMD stands for temporal mandibular disorder. Almost all suffer from it. In most cases , it is easily treated. The main reason we suffer from TMD is that almost all people clench or grind their teeth at night. If you stop the clenching and grinding at night, symptoms such as a sore jaw, neck, shoulders, upper back will be reduced dramatically. The vast majority of cases can be treated in a cost effective and simple manner. Patients with osteoarthritisand traumatic blows to the jaw can be more involved.

Ortho-Stop Vs. NightGuard

Appliances such as night guards are uncomfortable and very ineffective. Ortho-Stop, scientifically based, is custom made to your mouth and very comfortable. Best of all, it has a very high success rate of reducing the symptoms of clenching and grinding, unlike a night guard or device from the pharmacy. Because night guards allow you to bite on your back teeth, you are still grinding at full force at night( almost 50 times more than chewing). Again, night guards are scientifically unsound. Ortho-Stop will not allow your back teeth to touch. Your TMJ symptoms will dramatically improve, unlike the night guard. Ortho-Stop is extremely comfortable( custom made to your mouth), unlike the night guard. Price effective, cheaper than a night guard and it works! I have treated over 1000 cases successfully.

More To Come On TMJ/TMD


In future blogs, I will discuss the many benefits of reducing clenching and grinding at night. Remember, you might not have symptoms you feel, but damage is being done. Topics such as lack of deep sleep, poor immunity, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, tinnitus and vertigo will be discussed. Refer to in the meantime.

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