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Untreated TMJ and Its Long-term Effects

TMJ disorder is uncomfortable and painful. People suffering from untreated TMJ often think that it’s easier to just deal with the pain, however, their quality of life will decrease and cause long-term effects on the body. While hundreds of TMJ patients suffer every year from dreadful pain, Dr. Pine has since created Emeryl Guard to help combat TMJ pain. Compared to a traditional night guard, Orthostop’s Emeryl Guard is not bulky and only secures to your front teeth eliminating any touching of your back molars.

Sleep Disorder: TMJ compromises the quality of your sleep because of misaligned bites. Since your jaw is not correctly aligned, it interferes with your airways. You end up with receiving less oxygen to your brain and may ultimately lead you to develop a sleep disorder from restricted airways. Lack of sleep increases the symptoms of headaches, neck pain, sleep apnea, and brain fog.

Patient Suffering from Untreated TMJ Pain

Headaches & Jaw Pain: Headaches are a recurring symptom of untreated TMJ pain. Your jaw is connected to the muscles around your skull. This is why you get headaches when you are clenching and grinding your teeth. Chronic headaches are uncomfortable to have and shouldn’t be an inevitable thing you have to deal with. Chronic jaw pain is can happen when you ignore your TMJ disorder. The pain is a sign your body makes to let you know something is wrong.


Like any inflamed joint in your body if it is not properly treated in a timely manner there is almost always going to be residual damage and pain. Seeking proper treatment for TMJ pain is crucial to eliminate and help diminish pain. Inflammation is your body’s natural response to heal any type of injury, whether it be a broken bone or an infection. If TMJ is causing you constant pain, you body will continue to use it’s inflammation response to try to heal it until proper treatment from a TMJ specialist such as Dr. Pine can be addressed.

TMJ doesn’t just have major effects on your everyday life it can also cause long-term pain and suffering as well if left untreated. If you are ready for a solution to your TMJ pain and symptoms, give our office a call at (949)-646-5611 to receive a consultation with TMJ specialist Dr. Robert Pine. Sleep more soundly and start your pain-free life, today.

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