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TMJ and Your Mental Health

TMJ and Mental Health

Are your jaws clicking or popping when you open your mouth? Does your neck or shoulder hurt? If it does then you might have a temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder. What might be causing my TMJ disorder? Most dentists do not know specific factors that can cause TMJ disorder, however, studies show the symptoms come from the muscles on your jaw or the joint itself.

Migraines caused by TMJMost people suffering from TMJ symptoms such as jaw aches and massaging the joint, avoid chewing candy or gum and using anti-inflammatory medicine from the drug store. But what happens when it’s chronic and the pain doesn’t go away? When simple things such as talking or even opening the mouth cause issues and distress, it can exceed physical pain and breakthrough mental stability.

When a person hurts consistently, the pain is no longer just physical as it is emotional as well. People who suffer from TMJ based chronic pain have an increased risk of developing depression and anxiety. Persistent symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and migraines will make anyone feel dejected and dispirited. Anxiety and depression will increase existing teeth grinding and clenching.

What can Orthostop do?

Orthostop is a TMJ treatment created by TMJ Specialist Dr. Robert Pine that uses appliances that help relieves TMJ symptoms caused by clenching and grinding. With Orthostop, TMJ caused by dental origins will reduce pain dramatically; help REM sleep cycles which will increase energy better help and wellness. If you have been suffering from chronic TMJ pain that enhanced your anxiety and depression, you should call us at (949) 646-5611 TMJ Specialist and Treatment Orange County and get treated. It is important to get your pain managed and take the step in creating a happy healthy life again.

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