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Dr. Pine Creator Of Ortho-Stop Presents Emryl Guard - Be Pain Free

The Proactive Health Benefits When Using Ortho-Stop

Cosmetically, the Health benefits of OrthoStop Are Many:

  1. Tooth preservation after orthodontics. I see so many young people showing tooth wear starting in their late teens and twenties. OrthoStop can prevent your beautiful teeth after orthodontics from turning into very straight, unattractive short, worn down teeth. You spent $5,000-$6,000 for beautiful teeth. Protect your investment!
  2. Protecting extensive cosmetic and general dental work. OrthoStop will protect all dental work, be it fillings, crowns or $1,000's in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike a bulky, uncomfortable night guard, OrthoStop is very comfortable and it works!
  3. Reducing wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. What causes wrinkles around the corners of the mouth is When the bite is over closed after many years of grinding your teeth, the wrinkles become worse around the corners of the mouth. OrthoStop will dramatically reduce if not prevent tooth wear and over closure. But, this needs to be done in your 20's and 30's so to minimize tooth wear.
  4. Preventing old, short front teeth. If your front teeth are long, they are youthful in appearance. Those youthful teeth give you a youthful smile, no matter how old you. Short teeth cannot produce a youthful smile. PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BY YOUR SMILE what does your smile say about you? A youthful smile can be yours, without cosmetic dentistry. Maintain what you have. OrthoStop will maintain and you can keep a youthful smile.

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If one started to wear Ortho-Stop at a younger age to stop clenching and grinding, one will benefit in their health and wellness. This includes both functional health and cosmetic health Be proactive with Ortho-Stop and see and feel the benefits as you get older. Refer to for an in depth analysis of this discussion.

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Ortho Stop