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The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis and TMJ Treatment with Ortho Stop

Many people have gotten used to waking up with pain in the face or lockjaw. If this sounds like you, you might have a problem with your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. You might not go to the dentist because of the pain, but if you take care of TMJ problems early, you might avoid much worse pain in the future.

Living with TMJ may be difficult since it impacts your ability to get quality sleep, mood, and appetite. If a person with TMJ doesn't get treatment, they may develop sleep disorders and insomnia or become dependent on drugs or alcohol to cope with the discomfort. Teeth grinding, among other things, can cause jaw swelling, damaged enamel, and chipped teeth. In severe cases, some people have lost their ability to hear. Despite the alarming nature of these signs, finding local TMJ therapy can greatly lessen the likelihood of developing any more difficulties.

Causes of TMJCauses of TMJ

● Nighttime clenching and grinding

● Daytime clenching

● Arthritis

● Accidents to the jaw

● Anatomical issues of the joints

● Extremely poor bite

● Anxiety and stress

The Consequences of Untreated TMJ

Untreated TMJ disorder can lead to chronic pain, popping, and locking of the jaw. If it continues untreated, it can even damage bones, requiring periodontal surgery. Fortunately, Ortho-Stop’s proactive approach to this condition can help prevent further damage.

Why Patients Should Seek TMJ Treatment from Dr. Robert Pine

● 90% of TMJ cases are jaw muscle overuse. It includes clenching and grinding teeth. Studies show this happens 2-6 hours nightly.

● Dr. Pine made Ortho Stop to help stop people from clenching their teeth at night, relieve sore, tight muscles, and change the old muscle memory to a healthier state.

● Dr. Pine has done over 1,000 cases with Ortho Stop. He knows what the product will do. Nothing replaces experience.

● Dr. Pine has been using TMJ appliances for 25 years and has a thorough knowledge of the TMJ symptoms caused by nighttime clenching and grinding.

Symptoms that Ortho Stop Can Help Reduce.Symptoms that Ortho Stop Can Help Reduce

● Tight jaw, neck, upper back, and shoulder muscles.

● Limited opening of the jaw.

● Tension headaches.

● Pain on the jaw muscles when chewing or speaking.

● Fatigued jaw muscles

● Waking up with sore jaw muscles.

● Bite off due to tight jaw muscles.

● Ear pressure buildup.

● Ringing in the ears.

● Dizziness or vertigo.

● Chronic, sore muscles.

Ortho Stop is a tried-and-true product developed by Dr. Pine, who has been using it for 12 years. Remember, 90% of the TMJ cases are primarily muscle overuse. Dr. Pine understands this concept thoroughly.

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