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Sleep Better with Emryl Guard TMJ Treatment

Sleep Better with Emryl Guard TMJ TreatmentThe temporomandibular joint is the joint between the mandible and the temporal bone in the skull. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be negatively affected by many factors, such as clenching and grinding, genetics, wearing braces or jaw surgery as well as many other factors.

This blog will explore how sleep affects TMJ joint health and what to do if you’re suffering from pain or discomfort. For starters TMJ is a painful condition that’s caused by wear and tear on the joint. TMJ can cause conditions such as migraines, jaw pain and tenderness, locking of jaw, and swelling. Individuals with TMJ start to notice how their sleep is affecting them and the best way for them to sleep in on their backs. It can relieve pressure on the joints, and reduce clenching and grinding during the night when you may be unaware that you are even suffering from clenching and grinding.

Nightguard VS. Emerylguard

One of the best ways to treat TMJ is to wear a special mouth guard called Emryl Guard designed by Dr. Robert Pine of Ortho Stop in Orange, California. Ortho Stop worn at night will dramatically reduce the level of clenching and grinding resulting in better sleep and reduced pain. If the patients sleep patterns are poor due to teeth grinding, Ortho Stop can help dramatically. Many patients have noticed improved quality of sleep and reduced pain after using Emryl Guard. In diagnosing poor sleep, the dental aspect needs to be taken off of the diagnostic table.

Ortho-Stop will improve deep sleep/REM cycles if clenching and grinding are part of the poor sleep diagnosis. No drugs or medications will do the trick. Ortho-Stop’s Emryl Guard will need to be considered if the patient suffers from any of the symptoms of TMJ. Research is showing that quality sleep is paramount for health and wellness.

To learn more about Ortho-Stop and Emryl Guard and what it can do to help improve your quality of live, call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pine. Comfortable, effective and natural, Emryl Guard TMJ treatment by Dr. Pine at Ortho Stop is sure to help you sleep more soundly and be pain free.

Stop looking for a better guard, and get started with Emryl guard today!

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