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Regular Dentists Vs. TMJ Experienced

Regular dentists know a lot about TMJ disorders, and if the condition originates from a tooth-related issue, they may treat it, but what if it doesn’t work?

Some of the causes of TMJ disorder are teeth grinding, trauma to the teeth or jaw, poor posture, stress, anxiety, arthritis, orthodontic braces, excessive gum chewing, and even CPAP, which is a machine used to treat sleep apnea.

Not all dentists are trained to diagnose TMJ disorders or provide treatment for this condition. However, a dentist can refer you to another dentist experienced with TMJ treatment. When it comes to TMJ, they will be able to study your case, diagnose the problem, and then offer the best treatment options. They can also provide recommendations on how to prevent future issues. It is advised to seek out a medical professional who is attentive to detail and knowledgeable about the various TMJ subtypes.

Dr. Robert Pine is a dentist with over 20 years of experience in TMJ, and he has created a non-invasive treatment called Ortho Stop. His idea was to come up with the most comfortable and effective way to treat the pain and symptoms related to TMJ disorder.

If you think you have a TMJ disorder, the best course of action would be to consult a TMJ experienced dentist rather than a regular one for your first consultation.

What to Expect When Visiting Our Office What to Expect When Visiting Our Office

Dr. Pine will examine your head, neck, and jaw to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. He may order x-rays or take impressions of your teeth to evaluate the bite and check for signs of bruxism or misalignment. The results of these evaluations will help him create a custom treatment plan with Ortho Stop.

During your first appointment, Dr. Pine will likely ask you some questions to determine the cause of your symptoms. The more you know, the better he can determine a treatment plan that will work best for you. The questions might include information about your medications and past dental and medical histories relating to TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ is an important part of your face, which connects the jawbone to the temporal bones in the skull. Its function is to allow the jaw to open and close. TMJ disorder can affect chewing, talking, and swallowing, it can cause pain in the jaw, severe headaches, and neck pain. If you're suffering from TMJ pain, we can help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Pine today to learn how we can provide relief to your pain with Ortho Stop. Get started today!

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