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Dr. Pine Creator Of Ortho-Stop Presents Emryl Guard - Be Pain Free

OrthoStop, The Alternative To The Worthless Night Guard

Is Your Night Guard Too Bulky? That is not a problem with OrthoStop.

It can be uncomfortable because it takes up too much room in the mouth. Mouthguards may create occlusal difficulties in addition to pain. If a mouth guard takes up too much space in the mouth, the top and bottom teeth will be driven apart, putting tension on the TMJ.

The Night Guard Didn't Work Why Should OrthoStop

Many of you are currently wearing or have worn a night guard (probably hidden in a drawer). The common theme is the night guard is very bulky, not attractive to be seen wearing, and it doesn't work. This is true of the custom night guard fabricated in a dental office or the store-bought version. With custom night guards costing up to $800, patients feel ripped off by the lack of results. The design of the night guard prevents it from working. You still can bite down with maximum force to the teeth. Consequently, all of the painful symptoms that the patient has are not alleviated. In many cases, the symptoms are worse with the night guard. On the other hand, Ortho-Stop worn at night will dramatically reduce almost all symptoms associated with nighttime clenching and grinding. Ortho-Stop is custom made, very comfortable, cost-effective, and actually works. Having worn night guards for years and then switching to Ortho-Stop, I can attest to the failure of the night guard and the many benefits of Ortho-Stop.

Clenching And Grinding

What is night time clenching and grinding of the teeth? Simply put, it is para functional muscular activity at night. In plain English, you are clenching and grinding in an abnormal manner. Unfortunately, it is a subconscious behavior you have no control over at night. If you stop or reduce the behavior, the symptoms of the jaw, neck, shoulders , upper back will greatly improve. Headaches and migraines of dental origin will dramatically lessen. In almost all cases, Ortho-Stop will dramatically help with "TMJ" symptoms. Patients with a traumatic injury to the jaw such as an auto accident, fall or blow can be more complicated to treat. Fortunately, almost all cases are simply grinding and clenching at night and therefore are easy to treat with Ortho-Stop. Success will be in the high 90 percentile. If you weight lift too much, the muscles will always be sore. Decrease the muscle use and the symptoms reduce. Ortho-Stop will drastically reduce the abnormal muscle use of the jaw and neck at night. You will wake up feeling so much better.

Benefits Of OrthoStop and How Clenching and Grinding are Related to TMJ

When you clench and grind your teeth at night, each tooth sends electrical signals to the central nervous system, then the brain and last, to the chewing muscles of the jaw.

Studies have shown that humans clench and grind 2-6 hours nightly. Intensity is the only

variable. Humans have been measured up to 3000 PSI(pounds per square inch). Eating is only 68 PSI. That is almost 50 times more than chewing.

As you can see, the muscles of the jaw are simply overworked at night. Stop the muscle use and "TMJ" symptoms dramatically improve. With less electrical firings to the brain, the muscles relax and the brain isn't being bombarded, so that the brain can achieve longer REM sleep cycles and the health benefits that go with it.

OrthoStop prevents the back teeth from making contact so there is minimal electrical firings. If you can't make contact, the teeth can't fire. The muscles relax and you sleep sounder. A night guard is minimally effective because the back teeth do contact. Ortho-Stop is scientifically sound.

The many benefits of Ortho-Stop are :

  1. Reduces jaw, neck and shoulder pain an tension
  2. Relieves migraines and headaches caused by clenching and grinding
  3. Improve deep sleep and the benefits associated with deep sleep
  4. Reduce night time excess cortisol production

A night guard can't make these claims based on its design. OrthoStop is the answer for many people. Please refer to for the full picture.

Ortho Stop