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How Ortho-stop Can Help Your Clenching and Grinding

The reason so many people feel pain and discomfort in their jaw is often associated with TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). Patients have TMJ flare up’s when they are abnormally clenching and grinding their teeth without knowing it, oftentimes this happens at night during the REM stage of the sleep cycle. Clenching and grinding your teeth is usually a subconscious behavior and most of the time you have no control over it. Some of the symptoms you might be having include a stiff and sore neck, tingly fingers, lock jaw, tinnitus and ear pain and stiffness.When you clench your teeth at night, each tooth sends electrical signals to your nervous system and brain creating pain in different areas of your body. When this behavior (which can last between 2-6 hours every night) ceases, patients start to notice an increase in relief in their neck and shoulders and tend to get less headaches and migraines throughout their day.

That’s why Dr. Robert Pine at Ortho-Stop in Orange County has made it his mission for over 20 years to address the distress clenching and grinding can cause with TMJ. Winning numerous awards and becoming a specialist in TMJ symptoms, Dr. Pine created the Ortho-Stop Emryl Guard over 10 years ago. Ortho-Stop specializes in the reduction of TMJ symptoms while addressing the overuse of joint muscles in your jaw while you sleep. For clenching and grinding patients, success with Ortho-Stop reaches the 90th percentile with Emeryl Guards non-invasive treatment for abnormal jaw and neck muscle movements at night. Using Ortho-Stop’s effective Emryl Guard, it acts as a guard barrier for the upper and lower jaw to prevent the back of your teeth from making contact, resulting in the pressure and stresses from your grinding and clenching your teeth puts on jaw to subside. Ortho-Stop also allows for less electrical firings to the brain which in turn relaxes your muscles and nerves, and lets you achieve a better night’s sleep.

Over just a few visits, Ortho-Stop TMJ Specialist in Orange County can diagnose and fit you for a custom Emryl Guard that fits like a glove and works to protect your jaw muscles and teeth from working overtime when you’re asleep. Not only will your jaw feel betterusing Ortho-Stop, you’ll also notice deeper REM cycles when you sleep, more energy and immunity, 30-50% less cortisol secretion at night, and less aches and pains in your body overall.

Let’s face it, having jaw and tooth pain such as TMJ can create fatigue and vertigo which can be damaging to a patient’s daily life. Pain, like the symptoms you feel from TMJ creates added anxiety and stress throughout the day and affects the REM stage sleep you need to rest and recuperate while sleeping. At Ortho-Stop Orange County, Dr. Pine strives to create a welcoming environment that focuses solely on the need to relieve the painful symptoms of TMJ that patients feel in a non-invasive approach so that they can get back to feeling more like themselves and tackling their day with less pain and more energy.

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