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How Clenching and Grinding Effect Sleep

There are many factors that influence deep sleep. Nighttime clenching and grinding of the teeth can greatly effect your quality of sleep. The patient who experiences poor sleep should be examined by the dentist for clenching and grinding.

OrthoStop and A Better Nights Sleep

OrthoStop worn at night will dramatically reduce the level of clenching and grinding. If the patients sleep patterns are poor due to teeth grinding, OrthoStop can help dramatically. Many of my patients have noticed improved quality of sleep. In diagnosing poor sleep, the dental aspect needs to be taken off of the diagnostic table.

Clenching and Grinding Can Effect Your Sleep

A typical night guard will not work because of its design. Contrarily, Ortho-Stop will work

because of its design. When we clench and grind, we send electrical impulses to the brain. This can last 2-6 hours a night. This impedes the brain from going into the deep /REM sleep cycle. Sleep cycles repeat 4-5 times nightly. Maximum deep/REM is the goal because this is the only cycle that initiates physiological bodily repair. From this , we can expect the


  1. Better energy
  2. Better immune system
  3. Less anxiety
  4. Less depression
  5. Better memory
  6. Better health and wellness

Deep/REM Better by Stoping Clenching and Grinding

Ortho-Stop will Improve deep/REM cycles if clenching and grinding are part of the poor sleep diagnosis. No drugs or medications. Ortho-Stop needs to be considered if the patient suffers from poor sleep. Research is showing that quality sleep is paramount for health and wellness. Check out learn more about Ortho-Stop and what it can do. Comfortable, effective and natural.

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