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What Causes Teeth Grinding

Causes of Teeth Grinding During the DayDoctors still don’t completely understand what causes awake bruxism, also known as daytime bruxism. However, it may be due to a combination of physical, genetic, psychosocial, and psychological factors.Daytime bruxism may be due to the following reasons:Psychosocial factors — Emotions leading to anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, or tension can cause … Read more

How TMJ Can Cause Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

PTSD and trauma patients are more prone to exhibit extreme clenching and grinding symptoms often resulting in TMJ.  Patients can grind up to 900 PSI. Chewing is 68 PSI.  You cannot sleep deeply if you clench and grind. Ortho-Stop treats the cause, not the symptoms. With Ortho-Stop, PTSD, and stress reduction therapy should be more … Read more

Untreated TMJ and Its Long-term Effects

TMJ disorder is uncomfortable and painful. People suffering from untreated TMJ often think that it’s easier to just deal with the pain, however, their quality of life will decrease and cause long-term effects on the body. While hundreds of TMJ patients suffer every year from dreadful pain, Dr. Pine has since created Emeryl Guard to … Read more

When to See a Dentist About TMJ Pain

Pain caused by TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) can be excruciating and can cause a disruption to everyday life for those who suffer from it. If you’ve noticed a pain in your jaw that seems to have gotten worse over time, you may be wondering when you should see a dentist. Here’s more information about when … Read more

How Ortho-stop Can Help Your Clenching and Grinding

The reason so many people feel pain and discomfort in their jaw is often associated with TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). Patients have TMJ flare up’s when they are abnormally clenching and grinding their teeth without knowing it, oftentimes this happens at night during the REM stage of the sleep cycle. Clenching and grinding your … Read more

TMJ and Your Mental Health

TMJ and Mental HealthAre your jaws clicking or popping when you open your mouth? Does your neck or shoulder hurt? If it does then you might have a temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder. What might be causing my TMJ disorder? Most dentists do not know specific factors that can cause TMJ disorder, however, studies show … Read more

TMJ: How It May be Affecting you and How OrthoStop Can Help

When you clench and grind your teeth at night, each tooth sends electrical signals to the central nervous system, then the brain, and last, to the chewing muscles of the jaw.  Studies have shown that humans clench and grind 2-6 hours nightly. Intensity is the only variable. What is TMJ?Because the nerves in your face, mouth, … Read more

What is TMD or TMJ?

What is TMD or TMJ? TMD stands for temporal mandibular disorder. Almost all suffer from it. In most cases , it is easily treated. The main reason we suffer from TMD is that almost all people clench or grind their teeth at night. If you stop the clenching and grinding at night, symptoms such as … Read more

Relationship Between Tinnitus, Vertigo and Dental Bruxism

The literature has recently documented that dental bruxism (defined as daytime and/or night time clenching and grinding with or without noise) has increased dramatically over the last 40 years. Many ear, nose and throat specialists have noticed a similar increase in tinnitus and vertigo during the same time period. Because the the anatomy of the … Read more

OrthoStop, The Alternative To The Worthless Night Guard

The Night Guard Didn’t Work Why Should OrthoStop Many of you are currently wearing or have worn a night guard(probably hidden in a drawer). The common theme is the night guard is very bulky, not attractive to be seen wearing and it doesn’t work. This is true of the custom night guard fabricated in a … Read more

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