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Dr. Pine Creator Of Ortho-Stop Presents Emryl Guard - Be Pain Free

Benefits of Ortho-Stop

  • No more neck, jaw and shoulder tension
  • pain medication is no longer needed as the pain is gone
  • Headaches and migraines caused by grinding and clenching are eliminated
  • Successful in over 95% of patients treated, Ortho-Stop is custom made to each patient and not one fits all
  • Cortisol production decreased 30-50% during night time as a result of effectively eliminating grinding
  • Saves your teeth from wear due clenching and grinding keeping your smile young.
  • Stops the gum from receding ending receding gum lines, dental bone is no longer lost.
  • With your longer REM sleep, You will be left with more energy and an improved immune system
Ortho Stop