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Dr. Robert Pine - TMJ Specialist

About Dr. Robert Pine

Dr. Robert Pine is a general dentist who has received many awards, and a TMJ Specialist Orange County with a non-invasive treatment on how to treat TMJ Orange County. Dr. Pine has been able to address the clenching and grinding which leads to the pain of the TMD/TMJ and more. An Alumni of U.S.C. School of Dentistry, this non-invasive treatment Dr. Pine created is called Ortho-Stop. Fabricated to relieve TMJ pain as well as grinding, and clenching and their correlated symptoms and pain.

Dr. Pine was born and raised in Southern California and attended U.S.C as an undergraduate and is a proud graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School. He has been selected as one of Orange County’s best dentists.

Dr. Pine was one of the earliest users of the NTI anterior deprogrammed system to reduce TMJ Orange County symptoms due to night time clenching. This odyssey began over 20 years ago. Over 10 years ago he created Ortho-stop, a vastly improved and different version of the NTI. 2 years ago he created Emeryl guard to complement and thus improve Ortho-stop, TMJ treatment.

There are two philosophies to TMJ Orange County therapy. The first and most traditional is neuromuscular TMJ treatment and therapy. This concept proposes to change the bite and in turn, reduce physical systems. This concept can be very expensive. As high as $5000-$10,000. You will need to wear an appliance 24/7 for 6-9 months. This a very slow and indirect way to reduce muscle tension in the jaw, neck, and upper back. After the 6-9 months are up, the bite change will need to be made permanent. This might necessitate crowns or braces. There will be many adjustment appointments.

The second philosophy is the anterior deprogrammer. It is designed to directly to loosen muscles. Because of this, treatment is usually 1-3 months. Appliances are only worn at night. Dr. Pine uses physical therapy to speed up the process if necessary. Since treatment is simplified, the cost is dramatically less. Upon completion and success of treatment, a “phase 2” stabilization is indicated.

Because of Dr. Pine’s vast experience with anterior deprogrammers, he developed Ortho-stop and Emery guard. They allow for better and more precise adjustments to the appliances than the NTI allows. In turn, there is a higher degree of success. This is especially true because of Dr. Pine’s experience.

Lastly, what about the night guard? First off, it is uncomfortable. Secondly, it doesn’t work. There is no science to a nightguard. You will still clench and grind and have symptoms. Simply said, it is constructed to muscles that are already tight. It does not have the capacity to loosen muscles as does Ortho-stop and Emeryl Guard.

Also, surgery in this day and age is almost never indicated. Nonsurgical procedures should always be tried before surgery.

Robert Pine/ Dr. Pine

With a non-invasive approach and years of expertise, Dr. Robert Pine has been recognized for his outstanding work in the fields of dentistry and TMJ treatment.

Dr. Pine's commitment to his patients' well-being is unwavering, as he strives to improve their quality of life through his extensive research and innovative treatment methods. Say goodbye to TMJ discomfort and hello to a better tomorrow with Dr. Pine by your side.

Dr. Robert Pine

Dr. Robert Pine always has his patients’ well-being in mind, and his goal is to give them a better quality of life. That is why he has dedicated so many years of his life to studying TMJ disorder and coming up with the best ways to treat it.

Robert Pine

Dr. Pine is the premier choice for effective TMJ treatment, thanks to his expertise, dedication, and commitment to staying ahead in TMJ research. His caring attitude and real interest in his patients' well-being set him apart, making the office a safe and supportive place for people who are trying to get relief from TMJ pain. Call or submit a form, and rest assured you’ll get the best care possible.

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