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I love my Ortho stop. Before I met Dr. Pine I had tried hypnosis, medication, massage, everything, but nothing got me to stop clenching and grinding at night. Yes those things helped, but the main route problem was the clenching, and grinding, and the Ortho stop is the only thing I have found that mechanically stops it. I have no more popping, I have no more Jaw Pain. It's amazing when I had a mouth guard before I met Dr. Pine it was almost promoting grinding. It kind of gave me something to grind. Now there's actual space in between my molars and the rest of my teeth and so there's nothing to grind, there for it stopped the actual grinding, and clenching. Honestly it will be the best money you'll ever spend.

By Reducing Nighttime Clenching and Grinding 70 to 80% OrthoStop Will:

  • Dramatically Reduces Headaches and Migraines of Dental Origin

  • Dramatically less Jaw Pain

  • Dramatically Reduces TMJ Related Tinnitus, Ear Pressure, Ear Pain, and Vertigo

  • Less Pain and Stiffness in the Neck, Shoulders, and the Upper Back

  • Reduced Pain when Eating and Talking, with Better Opening and Closing of the Mouth

  • Major Reduction in Symptoms 1-4 Weeks

  • In Most Cases Pain Medication Not Necessary

  • Treats the Cause of TMD, Not the Symptoms, For lasting Relief

  • Will Reduce Gum Loss, Bone Loss, Tooth Wear, and Fractures of the Teeth.

  • Improves Quality of Sleep

  • Immune System and Cell Physiology Improves with Longer REM Sleep Cycles

Causes of TMJ Disorder

  • Night time clenching and grinding

  • Daytime clenching

  • Arthritis

  • Accidents to the jaw

  • Anatomical issues of the joints

  • Extremely poor bite

  • Anxiety and stress

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

  • Worn-down teeth

  • Jaw soreness in morning

  • Jaws sore in  afternoon

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Neck aches

  • Upper back tightness

  • Jaw deviates to left or right when opening or closing

  • Limited opening and closing of jaw

  • Difficulty in speaking and eating

  • Tinnitus

  • Pressure in ear

  • Dizziness

Which Treatment is Right For You?

Dr. Pine treats TMJ dysfunction with OrthoStop, and Emryl Guard to reduce extreme muscle overuse at night. These appliances are meant  to reduce your clenching, and grinding ability by 70-80%. People exert chewing pressure of 68 pounds per square inch. Studies have shown clenching and grinding at night to be at 600 to 900 pounds per square inch.This leads to extreme muscle overuse Of the jaw muscles, neck muscles, upper back muscles, and skull muscles. Quite often, to further reduce muscle overuse, physical therapy is needed in conjunction with OrthoStop and Emryl Guard. Very few physical therapists do myofascial release of the jaw muscles which is key to success. Dr. Pine is one of the few who treats TMJ dysfunction and uses a physical therapist to enhance the success of the treatment.  A night guard will not work, it is not grounded in science.

The other concept of treatment is appliances that change your bite. This treatment is more expensive more time consuming, and more involved. These cases usually involved trauma to the jaw joint anatomical problems of the joint or an extremely poor bite. Almost all of the time the problem is usually muscle overuse while sleeping, or clenching during the day. If your case needs the bite to be changed this will be diagnosed, and you will be referred to the proper dentist to do that.


Dr. Pine and his physical therapist are one of the few who have treated tinnitus and pressure in the ear successfully. Clenching, and grinding can be the cause of tinnitus and pressure in the ear.

A Fraction of the Cost of Neuromuscular Dentistry, No Bite Change nor Extended Length in Treatment. Custom Made and of the Highest Quality

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"I've had problems with Tmj and tinnitus for years I found the best specialist in TMJ. Dr Robert Pine makes my sleeping accessories, my tinnitus problem and jaw joints improved to the maximum, thanks Dr Robert Pine."

-Emma Coronado

My ear problem went away"

-Nelisa S.

 "His Ortho-Stop is really affordable... my tinnitus is getting better."

-Heather B.

"Dr. Pine changed my life!!! I have had terrible headaches for 5 years. I tried every treatment I could find to lessen the pain (mouthguard, nti, laser muscle targeting, tensing, acupuncture, massage, strong painkillers). Nothing seemed to help at all... Orthostop has helped me so much. Everyday my pain is decreasing thanks to this wonderful appliance created by Dr. Pine."

-Gaby T


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  • No more neck, jaw and shoulder tension

  • pain medication is no longer needed as the pain is gone

  • Headaches and migraines caused by grinding and clenching are eliminated

  • Successful in over 95% of patients treated, OrthoStop is custom made to each patient and not one fits all

  • Cortisol production decreased 30-50% during night time as a result of effectively eliminating grinding

  • Saves your teeth from wear due clenching and grinding keeping your smile young.

  • Stops the gum from receding ending receding gum lines, dental bone is no longer lost.

  • With your longer REM sleep, You will be left with more energy and an improved immune system


Relieves TMJ symptoms, improves health and wellness due to improved deep sleep quality.

      Ortho-Stop will drastically reduces TMJ symptoms such as sore jaw, neck and upper back muscles. Migraines and headaches of dental origin can be helped. Improving deep/REM sleep, health and wellness will improve as well. Ortho-Stop being custom is ready to be worn in two easy appointments, with function and comfort in mind Dr. Pine has created a non invasive treatment for TMJ that patients love and notice the comfort and results of Ortho-Stop. night guards big bulky and uncomfortable, as many know, don't work.

         For over 18 Years Dr. Pine has been treating TMJ problems. Once suffering with TMJ himself, Dr. Pine wears the Ortho-Stop as well. With treating over a 1000 cases successfully. with Ortho-Stop ridding you of the symptoms of TMJ will be achieved in over the high 90% of patients treated. Successful TMJ treatment in Orange County is here at last!

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